Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Used to be our role model, but dun you know 80% the chemistry he used some are hero.....
About MacGyver :

Mac repeatedly says that he "hates" heights.
MacGyver's friends often met with an untimely death.
Even when he wasn't on an assignment, MacGyver often found people who needed his help.
He fired a gun once: in the pilot episode.
In the pilot also, he lives in the Griffith Observatory.
In season seven, MacGyver's first name was revealed: Angus.
In season six (episode #123) and again in season seven (episode #131) it is mentioned that MagGyver is a vegetarian.
Mac describes his mother as "one of the great kitchen experimenters." (ep #6)
As a child, Mac was in the Boy Scouts. (ep #4)
Mac says he'll never forget the motto his den mother taught them: be prepared. (ep #4)
Charlie was the second friend Mac lost on-screen.
The first friend Mac lost on-screen was Nikolai Grotsky, who was hit by a truck. (ep #3)
Mac says that he has a habit of not drinking too much. (ep #3)

Mac is a huge fan of hockey. (ep #13)
Harry is also a hockey fan. (ep #33)
Pete doesn't care for hockey. (ep #33)

Murdoc is in costume as the Grim Reaper. (ep #89)
Murdoc is petrified of snakes. (ep #89)

Mac and Penny view each other as brother and sister. (ep #73)
Working in disguise to set up his plan, Murdoc fell in love with Penny. (ep #73)

Mac's dad taught him how to shoot. (ep #66)
After Mac's friend died from an accidental gunshot, Mac no longer wanted anything to do with guns. (ep #66)


' There's nothing you can't do if you have a Swiss Army Knife, a roll of duct tape, and your wits.* Watch out for one-name people who are masters of disguise.* Always dress both stylishly and comfortably. Be aware of the kind of shirt you have on. A '70s shirt on a late '80s kind of guy always gets comments, usually negative ones.* Nice guys don't always finish last.* Any problem can be solved with a little ingenuity.* One person can make a difference.* Never underestimate the power of chocolate.* Hockey is a lot like life. It's a team sport, you have to work together, and no matter how hard you try to play by the rules, not everyone will play fair.* Friends are the adventures of life.* A paper clip can be a wondrous thing.* A good relationship is a lot like a car, it'll work if you put some effort into it.* A little dirt never hurt anybody.* It's not so bad being special.* Everybody makes mistakes once in a while.* Sometimes you just have to have a little faith.* Life has a way of making its point.* Leather jackets are always in style.* A little research beforehand can go a long way.* Sometimes your life may resemble an Indiana Jones or a James Bond movie.* If you want to be a troubleshooter, make sure the organization you work for has a good health insurance policy.* You may really hate heights, but sometimes you still have to climb that mountain.* Even your worst enemy might need your help sometimes.* Computer nerds can be quite attractive underneath their glasses.* Buy furniture that's easy to move from place to place later on.* Love can sure affect productivity.* Alfalfa sprouts are good for two reasons, they have lots of minerals and they don't stain your clothes.* When your boss hints that he'd like you to take on one more assignment before your vacation, just say "NO" and keep saying it as you head for your Jeep. Then, as you take on the assignment, tell yourself it won't take that long."

irr : "...below, macgyver rite richard dean anderson.... a bit older..tapi tetep.. ^^''

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