Thursday, January 17, 2008

Going Back To Jakarta Ep. 2

Going Back To Jakarta Ep. 2

Day 3, 16/12/07 DUDUK DI DEPAN, TIDAKK…

Its Sunday already.. and cits still awake until 9.00 in the mowning because cress belonging were left in Nuniek house, and she had to pick her up from Benhill to Pondok Kelapa. At 10 i picked Gris and went to my old office, MSA ... Gosh sudah lama sekali.....met tukang2 lama ku.... we're so excited, Pak Dirun ajak keliling2 wahh... alot of changes within 3 years, which im not reallly suprised to. We also met pak ms there, he said 'ak hitamm....' hehehehe abis makan kroketnya mas Rais kita ke ambassador to met cits at Bakmi Kuningan …. Like d old times…. Pangsit goreng, ayam asam manis… dan gosh.. kangkung belacan yg enak ituh.. :b…..We went to church just above the Ambasador Mall (Gereja Duta Injil)….on 14.00, and please deh girls…. Duduk nya paling depan dan tengah2 mimbar pula, where no other chair infront to rest our hand to, no other people infront to hide for… :’) huhuhu… u shud tell me before.. Pendetanya Robin Ong…. He shared stories that no matter what.. no matter how hard it is…. we supposed to give ALL to God, no compromising, n insincerity….. Kadang kita terllalu mengandal kan kekuatan sendiri.. and not hang to our bilble… the most precious book of all..where all the answer found… we always look back…. And not make most of the present….. begitu deh…. So pray hard, read hard ladies… hm..what I’ve got that day…. That we should get over it…. I should get over it…. And count on Him. Abisan udah tau dosa, tapi kok masih dilakukan….. hehe llike buying dvd bajakan semisal… lagi di ambassador sih… kelepasan deh tuh (sorry paps)… Btw Lagu yg dinyanyiin d greja tadi bagus banget ….. no griss… im not crying… ;’)

Tiada yang seperti Engkau, begitu mengasihiku.. Kau Tuhan.. sanggup menjawab, semua seru doa ku..
Tiada yg seperti Engkau, begitu mengasihiku.. Kau Tuhan sanggup melawan seluruh kehidupanku
Aku percaya, Tuhan ku ajaib, Kau turun tangan memulihkan ku ..Aku percaya Tuhan ku dasyat., Kau turun tangan memberkatiku…

17-21/12/07, KIMCHI YA YA

Stayed at my sister’s house at Kota Wisata. Diajak makan enak mulu nih…, Ke Ichiban sushi di Cibubur Junction ngeliat hujan salju.

Terus esok nya dinner ke restoran Korea makan Kimchi.. there’re 9 of them ada yg kangkung asem, asinan tahu,, duh aneh2 gitu d.. bulgogi yg di bungkus pake daun kol kaya di film Jang Dang Geum…. my 10yr old ponakan Karina suka sekallski… Btw i suppose to meet Dian (Ex.BRC) that only lives a block away.. but *sigh* im to tired from d marathon-dinner.


Met my long lost ex boyfriend … and again its called compromising… Susah sekali get over it… im not praying hard eventually.. he came to my sister’s house and he helped me designing a brochure for a friend… ah.. I know some new move then… stlll cannot get enough photoshop trick. Menyenangkan.. even for a day….;’) .And when I sat here remembered…. Hmm..the most romantic part.. it’s not the holding hands, it’s not the hug….. it’s when somewhere in the middle of the rain… he moved the laundry away, my sis laundry, hehehe….i looked at him in different angle then.. Ok back to normal… I ended up still single… abisan terlalu dipaksakan juga, and I realize (later) we’re now live in two different world, where our purpose in opposite ways…

24/12/07 PURPLE

It was nice sitting below the tree and organize all the present.. wohoo I got the biggest present with hallmark wraps and nice hallmark ribbon with butterfly.. :D tee hee… After eating (ox tail is one of the menu)… we opened all the present, following with picking the angpau envelope from the tree…. The present all were so cute.. but wait a minute… Grrr…. was there someone out there shouting that I like purple ??%$*(+!@#.. My mom gave me purple dress from orange, and now I have a pair of purple sandals, two purple bracelets, purple hand-watch, purple shirt, purplebra….purpleboohoo…. To make it even worst.. my sis who just came back from Singapore, told me on the phone (happily) that she bought me something nice from bossini…. It was a PURPLE t shirt !!… :’D.......TGINP (thanks God it’s not Purple), from the hallmark nice package, my mom gave me a very nice charles and keith hand bag and it’s BLACK ;’)


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