Thursday, November 6, 2008

Another Form of Twister

Irr : "Happened on 25 May 2007 when I was sitting at ferry to Singapore and watching the tv, I saw on the news... LIVE NEWS !! there was water sprout in the ocean,,, I couldn't believe I missed it... I saw outside, none..... Lely said im crazy....but I truly truly want to see it in my own eyes. ...Any how, if it happens..where are we going? hide or run? ... They said its totally harmless, well quite harmless though. 28km/h winds....itu seberapa cepat ya"

What is water sprout?

A waterspout is an intense columnar vortex (usually appearing as a funnel-shaped that occurs over body of water and is connected to a cumuliformcloud. In the common form, it is a nonsupercell tornado over water, and brings the water upward. It is weaker than most of its land counterparts.

Seen in Singapore - May 26 == SINGAPORE is a very sheltered country. There are no natural disasters, no wars, no strikes, no historical relics to be proud of. Therefore, its citizens will get excited whenever there are any rare phenomenons or special events,. When there is tremor, everyone shouts "earthquake" and when there is free fireworks, everyone rus to see. Yesterday afternoon, at about 2.30pm, people sighted another rare phenomenon at the water of East Coast - a Tornado Water Sprout. Photos started to flood in Channel NewsAsia and videos to YouTube. Water Sprout is a common sight in Singapore, probably several times a year. It happens due to intense thunder storm, according to National Environment Agency (NEA).

Quoted from Channel NewsAsia:

"SINGAPORE: A waterspout has been spotted from the eastern parts of Singapore.

Most callers to the MediaCorp News Hotline reported seeing what looked like a tornado or a twister over the sea. Most said they saw the phenomenon at about 2.30pm and that the phenomenon lasted about 15 minutes. Witnesses said it was moving in a circular motion. The waterspout could be seen in several areas including Chai Chee, East Coast Park, Suntec City and Potong Pasir."

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