Friday, May 22, 2009

Dedicated to The Island

".....On an island in the sun, we'll be playing and having fun
And it makes me feel so fine. I can't control my brain
When you're on a golden sea, you don't need no memory
Just a place to call your own as we drift into the zone"
(Island in the sun-Weezer)

My Friend Linda came !! (9-11 April 2009)
After a hectic businness trip to Singapore, she decided to to visit me here. She's the only visitor i have in years. For days i wonder where should i take her.... my first guest, remember? just want to show some cool, fun spot but had no clue yet.

Being picked up from the BBT Ferry Terminal and ate pastry and hot tea, we straigth ahead to my dorm... After pampered and chitchat we went to Nirwana Beach Club.... The plan was to show her the nicest beach.... but... the sand was awful, the rain washed the beauty of them... it supposed to be white crystal blue sandy beach.... Failed to give her good first impression.. sad me..

Spending the evening at Mana-mana Beach Club, we ordered double cheese pizza, nachos, pineapple juice for me and red wine for her. She was telling her plan to write a's in the process already. It will be a story about someone who struggle her life in sickness. Her friend got a blood cancer since she was five. The story will be based on this girl who is the same age with me, who still survive, who still up and down in life, but still feel grateful to God. Cannot wait to read the book. And i really want to meet her in person.... i

After took some photoshot at Laluna...well she was an interior designer, so it's kinda important to take a picture of sail-like bench, white ornaments of the place, we went home, and watching Music and Me..... film that i've watched thousands time, and still cannot get enough of Hugh Grant...... I've been sleeping with the shadows overhead.......

Taking a nap...z z z zzz,

I had to go to Uban early in the morning, to have my first communion.

Right after i arrived at Lagoi, we directly go to the Ria Bintan to have our lunch. I ordered Beef tepanyaki and Linda ordered Oxtai Soup as i recommended....... talking about love live... girls talk.....

After a long hot sigthseeing the Golf Court (at this point, she was impressed, yee haw) we went to Bintan Lagoon to go swimming...... cooling the day.... Then, took 30 minutes car-ride we had dinner at Waiju at Uban, again she was impressed to the food. We ate gong gong, blackpepper crap, butter fried shrimp and kang kong......

we're so full like's time to go home.

Woke up in the morning i made her a Tuna sandwich and Teh tarik...then she went back to Singapore...bye bye gals...see u Jakarta.

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