Monday, February 11, 2008

It starts in my soul....

A AM7 D , then pluck the DGB strings twice for each chord

Bubbly by Colbie Caillat,

I've been awake for a while've got me feelin like a child now..cause every time i see your bubbly face...i get the tinglies in a silly place, reff: It starts in my toes….makes me crinkle my nose...where ever it goes i always know…that you make me smile, please stay for a while now…just take your time, where ever you go. The rain is fallin on my window pane, but we are

hidin in a safer place... under the covers stayin safe and warm, you give me feelings that i adore… (back to reff) What am i gonna say…when you make me feel this way, I just........mmmmmmmmmmm (back to reff) I’ve been asleep for a while now. You tucked me in just like a child now. Cause every time you hold me in your arms. Im comfortable enough to feel your warmthIt starts in my soul… and I lose all control When you kiss my nose…. the feelin shows,Cause you make me smile, Baby just take your time now….holdin me tight. Where ever, where ever, where ever you go. Where ever, where ever, where ever you go..where ever you go.. I always know...cause you make me smile, even just for a while....


irr : "Wanna grab my guitar and write one... I used to write songs! Here's some of them.."

It's not A Love Song

You never want to talk about this

Or even try to.. tell me, how you feel…

even though you’re here...

If you read this, can you recall…

cause I still wait for your call

Cause when you’re near, the word seems clear.

You’re the only things that real


All I think is you, every little thing you do.

Do you feel it too… I wanna run to you

But don’t know what to do, I’m still afraid of you..

gonna break my heart in two..


Hold me….please say you’ll stay

I do… really miss you

I do really need you

And I do…. really love you…..(audible)

*Note : " The rhyme really bothers me,, *sigh* it’s over-do here and there…Wrote this short fast-tempo song somewhere on 1997, well I really couldn’t find the right metaphors or similes to describe about all the confusion… So it was written roundly, screamed what was on my mind that time… The situation was, He didn’t call for days…. Silly :) "

Act Unnaturally

Intro: Dsus D7

G Bm7 G7 Em G D7

Love I feel inside, though you never know. But you just might see

G Bm7 G7 Em

If you close your eyes, you’ll look nothing.

Dsus D7

But a fool like me……….


G GM7 G7 Em

What can I do…I just wait and see

C Am D9 D7

Act unnaturally, Hope you can figure it out.


G Em Am D7

I want you could be here with me tonight

G Em Am D7

Share the dream that I made for my self

Bm7 Em C Cm

So you can feel how hurt the pain inside..

G Em Am D7

Wish I could read your mind and see in your heart ………

I guarantee, that I’ll be sweet to you and I’ll never let you down

For better or worse I’ll be there by your side

Dsus D7

No matter what we’ll face ……………(to **)


(am I there…)


Em C D7 G

Something got me stuck to you, in a way that I just can’t do

Em C D7 G

Till the love I feel inside means something to you at last


Irr. " The song and chords were written by me more than 10 years ago. Wrote it for someone in the college . Re-write it now and that doesn’t make sense. In the end, eventually I’m not there ... Lagu yang norak sekalii"

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