Monday, June 15, 2009

impact of melancholy

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irr : ... my sister, Mantha linked my page on her face book, she said :

" ... to everyone of you who has met or knows my dad. Please welcome to read this tribute written by my lovely sister. Being apart from my family for almost 14 years has changed me alot as a person in good n bad way. But this tribute reminds me how wonderful my dad is ..his love n care...miss u so much..I'm sorry that we had some misunderstandings from your last visit. It was just me the stubborn one, but I'm still your little girl who needs your shoulder to cry on when the world came against me...."

irr : Got lot of hits on ''tribute of my dad''.... did not realize the responds (most are from my sisters) are that much.... ... mellow me... but daddies are rocks !! tribute to all fathers in the world.... A week to go to Fathers Day....

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