Monday, June 23, 2008

Why Fabio...

Irr : Collect them since 1997, got the first novel 'Rogue' accidentally at bookstore at Plaza Indonesia. My favourite was Comanche, read it time to time. They supposed to make a film based on this. It will be a hit-maker. Got his last two novels which were very rare in 2002 surprisingly by mike from sing when he worked at jb. Total I have 8 Fabio novels. Cosmopolitan said he's "Sexiest Man in the World", and People claimed that he's "One of the 25 Most Intriguing People of the Year. He has been on over 400 book covers - Romance, Science Fiction and Fantasy.

Amazed that he's that famous. He was in MTV fighting with Bono the tv show where the clay-model fight at the boxing stage, fighting. A year ago from American next Top Model, he also showed up as the guest star doing photo shoot with the models... The title all were ridicullous, yet funny, see following .... 'who's my baby's daddy', and 'don't leave me', the winner of the competitin (season 7) was Caridee that doing the 'But I love her' novel cover with him.

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