Monday, June 30, 2008


irr : "...back to my old hobby playing guitar and finding chords. Both are the music i listening by now. Great vocal and music. PERMISSION and DEEPER CONVERSATION by Yuna (lyric and chords) "

D7 G Em
So what's the plan now?
Am D7
Are we or won't we?
G Em
So what's the deal now?
Am D7
Should we or shouldn't we?

Bm Em G
You've taking over my head again,
Em Am
I'm folding each memory in,
C Am D7
Asking permission to keep in.. your (hand)

G Cm Bm Em
Empty…..when will you love again,
G Bm Em
Empty.. is what you are,
G Am D
Without the nice things you had before

So what was it to you. Were we or weren't we?
Did it come back for you? Now there you finally see

It's already been gone too long
I shouldn't have pick up the phone
I'm asking permission to pretend … we've moved on

Empty, Is what you'll find in here
Empty … is what you'll see,
A lot of things I've offered you

What am i to you? Was I …. or wasn't I?
So what you said was true, Did you or didn't you?

You've taking over my head again,
I'm folding each memory in,
Asking permission to keep it in your hands
(Back to Verse and REFF I) ....Was it love to you?

** Tab n Chording was made by irr

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