Tuesday, July 1, 2008

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Irr : “Just bought the dvd at hypermart last Sunday…..for only 15.900 rp. ..my kind of movie ;’) below are the review from the netz“

Because I Said So (2007)

Daphne has married off two of her three daughters, and is now fixated on ending the horrible dating luck of Milly, her last single daughter. So, she does what any sane mother would do: She holds interviews for her daughter's potential mates by way of a profile on an online dating service. Love triangles and trapezoids surface and "hilarity" ensues. While the movie isn't as wacky as it tries to be, it does deliver a couple of funny and heartwarming moments. Milly's sisters Maggie and Mae (played by Lauren Graham and Piper Perabo) bring some much needed sensibility to the family. Johnny (Gabriel Macht) and his family also provide a perfect juxtaposition with the more tightly wound family of his unknown competition -- Jason (Tom Everett Scott.) Overall the performances may have been good -- but the film itself had more trouble. It played more like a collection of romantic comedy cliches than a solid film on its own. I left the theater feeling like I'd seen this movie before, only I'd seen a version that had better writing. The director should really have thrown the script out and tried it over with better material. They nailed the casting -- the script was the problem.

Diane Keaton: Plays the neurotic mom like no other, but almost too well -- for me, the movie ended up suffering because I was just unable to root for her later.

Mandy Moore: Delivers a solid performance as the insecure Milly, following up on her appearances in American Dreamz and Saved! (What I wonder though, is how an "insecure" daughter so constantly reminded of her shortcomings can have such a great singing voice and performing presence.)

Gabriel Macht: He is charming and disarming as the easygoing single dad and guitarist who crashes Daphne's arranged courtship. You're rooting for him the entire time.

"Because I Said So" spoken 4 times. A song is sung by Milly and family twice. Baked goods are burned, dropped, or otherwise spoiled at least a (bakers) dozen times.

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