Friday, August 15, 2008

I Could Never Be Your Woman

irr : ''..since they're using the same writer as in Clueless, surprisingly some of the cast are from that movie. like PaullRudd (friends) who last time played Alicia Silverstone stepbrother. Nice movie.... smart sentences of being old and tried so hard to be young...,like Rosie ex-husband said "Using Doc Mart doesnt make you look younger.." : ) know what! most of people above 30's still feel 25 inside...."

from the writer “Amy Heckerling” == The story of Rosie (Michelle P.), a single mom and T.V. producer who falls in love with a young actor on her show, was inspired by events close to home. The studio honchos hadn’t counted on Michelle Pfeiffer. Pfeiffer read a copy of the script, fell in love with it and told her agents to find a producer as soon as the film’s rights came free. Heckerling does not pull her punches about her leading lady: “Michelle is the reason the movie got made. She just really, really believed in it ". And Adam really really in love with her, aside from her age, she's so hilarious.

“You can jog and peel and nip and tuck, but your insides are still rotting away…”

IZZIE = "Hey Ma, How do you know when it’s true love?". ROSIE = "Usually you make the music louder and… sometimes they look up in slow motion. " IZZIE = "No, not on TV. In real life".

''Moronic'' lyric which is based on ironic alanis morissette.

Young girl, wants to be a big name. In movies they must all be the same. She won't need to sing or to act. just loose all of her body fat, and isn't moronic ....don't you think? Reff. it's insane...!!! .that they loose so much weight !! it's a young Nicole with no food on her plate. Her pal Lindsay’s barfing up a cake....they think they're all cute, stick figures. D G D Em // F C D

So hot must be 98, in December that's not so great....the north pole is turning to slush ...on my TV there's President Bush...and isn't he moronic, don't you think? incredibly moronic ..and yes I really do think... Reff. he's a pain in the whole world's ass, he'd sell his mum for a gallon of can it be that we voted him in? i just don't see how it figures ===> Popstar went on TV, tells the whole world kids sleep here with me....a mother says to her sun the Never land ranch would be lot's of fun, and isn't she moronic , don't you think? incredibly moronic and yes i really do think Reff. it's so lame what goes on in her you think its smart to lone him your kid...he won't like them when they're bigger!

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