Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Family always comes first...- August 2008

Day one, and the two......

As planned beberes kamar.... get rid of girly pinky pinky things and dolls....The rooms had to be like a woman bed room now.. Sampahnya banyak bangett, berkarung-karung.... Kerjaan utk bang Midan si tukang sampah.

30/8/08 -- Day three

Went to EX, had early lunch at Sushi Tei.....

Following days.........Penculikann.... i had to stay at my sistersss house, first at Kemang then to Cibubur. Ke mal2 teruss,, makan enak teruss,, ditraktir terusss...... :) totally ruined my diet.... Di Kemang jog with Leon and Fanno. Lagi lari pagi gitu leon yg mmg males olahraga tiba2 ngajak pulang "Tante pulang yukk, ak harus belajar...." ,, hiii tumben..

Kina, my pretty niece, accompanied me to go to Kampung Cina to get some ideas. She said im not her number one favorite auntie anymore :( because im too faraway...3/9/08, ketemu teman di cibubur Junction, nonton film indonesia yg dia benci.....senengg, udah 6 bulan ga ketemu. Terus pulangnya sm kiks had dinner at D Cost - Cibubur, makan kerang hijau, cumi tepung.... teh hangat nya cuman dua ratuss rupiah.... Gila deh murahhh

Hellow Abbie - He's a puppy no more

it's 4/9/08, went to cits kost at Cipete, hold abbie for the first time, *sigh* it wasn't easy to ask him to pose. Made a right decision this day... wonder if as if.....

The secret is to know when to stop

Do you remember the night the lights went out /All along the promenade? It started to rain /My coat your dress got wet . We laughed til we almost cried /Your spirit was so contagious /Our timing was really bad /You were so outrageous /How could we hold back? The secret is to know when to stop /The secret is to know when to stop remembering .....Do you remember the night that we ran out /Out on english bay? We went out on the water /The tow almost pulled us away Man right then the sparks would fly We’d get into such a mess Our timing really stunk back then /We didn’t give a damn /What they thought I guess..

Maybe when the skies flew open /Right then the lies would be broken... Your eyes they did all the talking "Keep your heart open wide" /Can you remember the trip we took? In the malibu to the west coast /We drove through a rainbow upon rogers pass /They never thought you’d get that close

Met Cits friends and had McD for dinner. Nonton "Penellope" and "27 Dresses". nyoba2 pake mac....di cits apple, ga sesusah itu ternyata..sama2 ajah.

girls talk in mama's room... she told me things that made me realize it's all happen for some reason. Who knows what could have been...


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