Friday, October 19, 2007


Time:: 8.33
Month:: July
Day of the Month:: 7th
Year:: 2007
Day of the week: thursday
What website are you on:: --

General Info:.
Name:: irma
Age:: 31 ^^
Gender:: female
Height:: below 170cm
Birthday:: 21st Jan 1076 in small city called Rumbai
Hair Color:: black...and just rebonded
Describe yourself in one word:: pinkish?
Describe your personality in one word:: pinkish attitude?

.:Work Life:.
What YEAR are you in:: 2005 at dis remote island called Bintan.....
Do you get good grades:: ummm..ask my boss then
Favorite Subject:: Break time and Crab at Pujasera

.:Love Life:.
Sexual Preference:: straight
Do you have a bf/gf:: used to have.. want a new one
How long have you been dating:: ..... hmm..unofficial? 10 years.. with the same man i dated when in college..
Do you consider yourself in love with them:: of course

Food:: prawn ^^
Person:: me
Number:: 76
Show:: oprah
Letter:: Irr
Song:: bersama bintang...anthony!!
Band/Singer:: anykind
Place in the world:: Jakarta
Season:: its getting hot in here

Dream Vacation:: Bali wid love one
Dream House:: small house - big rose garden wid fountain..just like in sims furnish...
Dream Room:: magical...wid wooden rose carved bed...and gold items everywhere...and glittery objects..and fairies flew every where
Location:: on top of the world

.:Last Time You:.
Watched T.V.:: this morning...friends where they're all singing in the cafe...' pa ra pap!!''
Went to the bathroom:: an hour ago
Ate:: tahu petis i made by myself
Slept:: yesterday night?
Listened to music:: afternoon
Used the phone:: just.......from Kemang
IMed someone/Got an IM:: yes with miki mozz
Went to school:: long time
Played a game:: dinner dashh...(d*mn you tridi... )
Took a shower:: 7pm?
Wrote a letter:: just
Cried:: donno i dont keep track

.:Have You Ever:.
Been out of the country:: yes
Been out of state/province:: yes
Done drugs:: no way
Done anything illegal:: if i did it why would i tell?
Cut yourself:: hair?
Played an instrument:: guitar and electone (do ppl still use it?)
Hurt someone for no reason:: nah
Killed an insect/bug:: ants and bugs .>< .just pick up the phone and call lely...
Gotten stung by a bee:: hope that will not happen
Lied to your parents:: occasionally and not proud of it
Stole Something:: hell no >_<

.:This Or That:.
Rock or Rap:: rock
Singing or Songwriting:: both...i wrote very lame songs.... last one is "act unnaturally'' not very proud of it.
Tennis Shoes or Sandals:: totallly sandals....luff high heel..cannot get enough shoes...and always wear sneakers...
Phone or Computer:: Computer
Biking or Skating:: none, cannot do both
Analog or Digital:: Digital
Coke or Pepsi:: coke tentu
Sprite or Sierra Mist:: dont know what is sierra mist
MTV or VH1:: * none 5
R&B or Country:: ew..none
Cingular or T-Mobile:: eh?
Cats or Dogs::barf ^^
AIM or Yahoo::. yahoo...the audibles are awesome
Bzoink or Quizilla:: none

.:Word Association:
Birthday:: cake, pinatas, and presentsss
Peanut:: snoopy? XD
Good Charlotte:: donno
Ravioli:: with tuna
President Bush:: boo
T.V.:: oprah
Rock:: ..diamond
Rap:: boo
Chef:: jamiee
I say: yeii allot
He hears:: what the heck
Calendar:: red sign
Fan:: drying my hair
Evil:: err....cumii

.:Right Now:.
Eating:: bakpau
Drinking:: kloropil essence mixed with water....its good
Watching:: my staff passing by
What is on your mousepad:: my fingers
What are you doing:: computering
What song are you listening to:: exactly rite now? drive
What's in your CD player:: dun have one
Wearing:: working wearing purpple

.:Random Things:.
What color is your mousepad:: gray hope it was pink..
What color is your keyboard:: white
What is the phrase you use the most online:: :)
Did you like this survey:: .....err..
Are you sad that it's over: ..finfinally
What are you gonna do after this survey is over: do some other stuff, writing scenario for ecc competition this 12th
Do you like pop-up ads: no >_<.

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