Thursday, October 18, 2007

Executive Bonding = ''Oh NO !!...I'm dancing.."

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Reaching for the Stars: a night to remember
Assistant!! ... That was the word of the evening, as Tongky and Felix went round and round with games that made us laugh, even after the dine. Here are the last, but not least, of the series of an evening that will be well remembered.
Reaching for the Stars: the Big Bang
Wednesday, May 16, 2007
The night started to come to life when Tonky broke the ice with his reknown performance, which invited laughs and claps. As a matter of fact, Tonky and his assistant dominated the fun and game part. I like the way they get people to come to the stage.

It was a night of white shirts, tie, and black gown. And as befit a reception for champions, buffet dinner with a nice cooling fruit punch as appetizer and freeflow of beer plus a bonus of several bottles red wine were served with style. It was a good selection of food, a combination of Indonesian and western cuisine. I didn't bother with the ikan asam pedas, gado-gado and stir-fried vegetables, but focused primarily on the tender steak and cheese cake. Other cakes were also nicely made. The standard fruit platter was also available for those who were on a diet (which I failed to see that evening!). The quantity was enough for everybody to eat overfluously. And all were smiling. I didn't notice tonnes of leftovers, but such is expected from a four-star resort operator.

Reaching for the Stars: care for detail
The Committee of the executive bonding was really reaching for stars. I have mentioned the beautiful invitation they created. From it you can already tell that the theme of the event was black, gold, and the stars. And these were reflected that evening, with flying balloons in black and gold, with the stars hanging under them. In case you didn't know, they brought a balloon filler from Tanjung Pinang just for this occasion.On each table there was a programme card. The programme card was well written, with ornaments following the theme.All over the four walls and the main door, golden stars will greet you. They even had the name tags to indicate our sitting arrangement on each table on a star. And if you didn't notice it, in-between the buffet, at the base of the flower vases, again a star was shining.

Decoration wise, thumb's up up for you guys. It looked professional, it felt professional. And it should be, as you have started the preparation as far back as February, when I met you all.
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Tuesday, May 15, 2007
Reaching for the Stars: a prelude to perfection

Those who have served the Company long enough would know the difference between one executive bonding and another. In the beginning it was a simple, almost boring gathering with overly BBQed fish and sotongs. But it has evolved, and the maturity shown in Ria Bintan some years ago was felt again tonight in Suria 1, Nirwana Gardens Resort.Before we go into the highlights of the night, allow me to first throw out some stuff that could be improved further. And this started when I received the invitations for EHD staff.

The invitation was creatively, painstakingly, and individually handcrafted. Very beautiful, and pretty neat if we compare to what most of us used to do. During the event itself, I noticed a few glitches. Gemilang was a nice song, but sadly was poorly sang by the choir. And this is very surprising, remembering the experience both Siska and Felix, and the rest of the members have. If I may borrow Simon Cow and Randy Jackson's words: It started rough, was pitchy here and there, and most of them didn't seem to know the lyrics.The picture that they produced in the beginning of the event and gave each of us a 5R copy, is not sharp enough. Again this is surprising, knowing that a special photographer was hired for the event.But do the aforementioned wrongdoings erase the hardmanship the committee has put up? I'll continue later today or tomorrow.


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